True North Structural Systems

Our Policies



To offer products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers in the steel structure sector, and to be an innovative leader in that sector;


To maintain sustainable quality by clearly determining the quality standards in the design, production, assembly and delivery of our buildings, thanks to the effective quality management system, and by complying with these standards at every stage;


To create an environment that will ensure the development of innovative thoughts and innovative products by providing continuous opportunities for our employees to constantly improve themselves;


To run all data-based processes effectively and efficiently with a lean management approach.





We comply with all laws, especially national and international standards related to the environment. By using environmentally friendly products, we ensure that our activities are safe for the environment, thus contributing to the prevention of environmental pollution. While doing this, we constantly monitor and keep our environmental impacts under control in the processes from the design stage to the production stage and delivery of work in our field of activity.


We reduce waste at its source by acting with the principle of minimum waste in our production technologies, and we gain ecological advantage by recycling and upcycling the small amount of waste that occurs. We use resources efficiently. As a result, we are constantly reducing our water footprint and carbon footprint.





As True North Structural Systems, we accept human resources as the most valuable asset in all our activities and adopt continuous improvement as our primary goal in order to create a safer and healthier work environment.


In line with our goal of a safe working environment, we make every effort to ensure that our occupational safety policy is assimilated as a culture by our employees and stakeholders.


In all our organizations and operations, we aim to eliminate potential hazards at their source, with a proactive approach and an effective risk assessment system, by complying with national and international occupational health and safety legislation.


We try to raise awareness of individual responsibility by providing complete occupational health and safety training to all our employees and stakeholders.